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mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm         Course Testimonials

I thought an online course could never be as good as a live class, until I decided to become a freight broker. I looked through a lot of online courses and thought this one was worth the price.

I couldn’t have picked a better way to invest my money. Robert Murray is the best instructor that I've had.

The way he teaches is incredible, understandable. It is like having a live class in your home. The course covers every detail. I never had a doubt or a question after each module. The narrative learning course is fantastic, I highly recommend the course for those who want to understand the Freight Broker Industry.

D          DEB,  From Ohio


This class is very informative. I already knew a lot about the trucking side and now I know more about the operation Broker/Agent side.
            Tumekia H.


Excellent training and instruction in the Freight Broker Transportation Business.  The course was above my personal expectation.
Fernando T.

It was a good experience knowing more about broker freight. Great job explaining and resolving all doubts.
L. B.
I researched several schools for Broker Training.  I read comments on the Internet of past students and people who had taken courses throughout the country and several said DO NOT PAY TO TAKE A COURSE.  They even recommended to buy or Google info to be a broker.
Well, they are wrong about not paying for a course…this class is worth every penny. The instructors are knowledgeable, professional, educated, and willing to be mentors as needed.
The classes are fun!  They teach lots of ways to prospect on… They taught more than I wanted to hear. It will give you the readiness to decide on your future.
          Daisy J.




If you are wanting to learn how to be a freight broker or a freight agent, you are in the right place! 
Why get into the "Freight Brokering" business?  Well maybe it is because... everything you eat, drink, wear and use comes on a truck.  This is a fast pace and fun industry to get into and will never stop and how much you earn all depends on you.  We show you how to broker a load from start to finish.  We tell everyone... "What you put into this is what you will get out of it." 


Entrepreneur Magazine has rated the freight brokerage business as one of the top home-based businesses to own, and a recent Wall Street Journal article cited freight brokering and logistics as the largest growing sector of the transportation industry.


Freight Brokering Inc. not only provides it's students with the best freight broker training available, but this freight broker school is also concerned with the available opportunities for its' students after graduation.  The freight broker training taught by us will show you exactly what you need to do in order to start your freight brokerage business and obtain all of the legal freight broker requirements, as well as do the job on a daily basis.  Upon completion of the freight broker training, you will be prepared to become a freight broker, owning your own business and working independently. We also include broker forms and contracts in edit format for you to get started with your new businesbles as soon as possible. Feel free to browse through our site for answers to all of your questions. We here at Freight Brokering Inc. look forward to working with you in reaching the stars.

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